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This is a good article to start understanding VM with and how VSEO fits into the picture. With information changing so fast and the amount of data to sift through to keep up. Its nice to have RapTV updates and blogs to help you keep it in control. visit us by brand name all over the virtual world RapTV RapTVLive

The Audio Drama Directory - Anthology / Variety Shows
How to pitch to a TV show |

Copyright: The Digital Dilemma - Special Libraries Association

Copyright owners certainly want to preserve and expand their markets. The report recognizes, however, that not all authors share these same values; for example, academic authors often want wide dissemination of their works and are not so concerned about market protection.

Users of copyrighted works have a different view entirely. Because copyrighted works become part of the social and cultural record of a civilization, public access is especially important to librarians. The licensing of digital resources as opposed to purchase of the work threatens public access, a core value of librarians, and perhaps a core value for the public at large. Not only is public access threatened, but the report raises a concern that public libraries themselves may be at risk.

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Digital Qualification and Submission | Rules for the 81st Academy Awards | Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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