Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is CC? - Creative Commons

What is CC? - Creative Commons

some of the most important information to get in your head prior to getting ready to market and promote your new music film or video or even text documents. RapTVLive is the 1st content bank in the world and we strongly recomend that everyone start to learn how to introduce protected works into the market in a way that builds fan loyalty buyer loyalty viewer loyalty and subscriber loyalty for their brand.
Brand RapTV is a good example of how to best use a combination of mixed content and VSEO,SEM,SNM, & basic SEO to accomplish goal exposure to the target market end users.
Questions about copyright are all to often answered incorrectly by people with outdated information and methodology.
The functionality of the Content Bank is specific to the virtual worlds. When you call in to set up your account we introduce your content to the world using Rap TV safe link verification to insure that the end user is getting real content and not an Internet redirect to a website or page that has nothing to do with what you started the search for. The content bank is open Mon to Fri 9am to 4pm PST all calls are answered all messages returned as long as there is a valid phone or skype number associated with the message.
for more information contact RapTVLive at 1+196-473-1323
RapTVLive, it's where in the virtual worlds you want to be to, Rap TV a move beyond the dot com.

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