Thursday, April 29, 2010

RapTVLive the network that works for you everyplace in the virtual world 1+916-473-1323
The RapTV content is developed to get the best response form the viewing public by saturation style optimization. We combine the market merging strengths of organic and or paid search to generate more conversions. We utilize 2D graphics and 3D graphics from our custom collection of CGI creations. We offer custom animations as short as 3 seconds. We have custom audio content as small as 10KB and as large as 1, GB. We have an in house professionally staffed recording facility to help you express your message to your target market. We have an in house green-screen room 12ft by 20ft to create the unique video content. At RapTV we take your Click over needs into consideration when we design content for you. So the critical information you place in web video is never overshadowed by an unexpected popup of your own. Our content is skim-readable; search engine friendly (using keywords that adhere to your market segment specifics such as search term popularity, proximity and density requirements). Quality content builds the credibility of your company in the virtual markets critical to the creation of locations where consumers interact with providers; our designers are focused on creating originality and personality that reaches across mass market sectors. Our content is clever concise and created to be relevant to your campaign.
Promotional content writing is one of the most important criteria for converting general visitor traffic into motivated buyers.
We generate text information integrated from your video content descriptions to promote your campaign in text relevant formats useful where HTML is disallowed.
Graphics selection and placement recommendations in the virtual marketplaces for public engagement with your Brands content on private; public; paid and or free platforms. ECommerce is now far more accessible to the general public with click over technology applied to video. The standard of driving people to website in mass numbers to filter out buyers and gain conversions are streamlined today. Your content gets you and your brand beyond your dot-Com to engage more targets and field more conversions at the same time guiding people to your primary website and keeping them interested on it.
Links to your additional information all over the Internet at you existing POS or lead pages.
Pricing depends on service requested our base consultation fee is $100.
I would be glad to talk with you further about exactly what sort of content it is that you need and what digital asset management assistance we may provide you.

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