Friday, July 16, 2010

Inside the world of phone sales

As you know we sent a Rap TV rep undercover into a call center in California and found out the true method of the evil cold call specialist. Who they are and why they call you up when you don't want to talk. Here is a short list of zip codes who our agent contacted.  93309; 93307; 93312; 92220; 93505; 93241; 95827; 91350; 93268; 93305; 93535; 44130; 80134; 03038; 44116; 93552; 93551; 93550; 45373; 91081; 90183; 91803; 46040; 46117; 46130; 46186; 46154; 46056;  As we explore this dark mystic phone world we will talk in detail about the kind of person most often recruited to do this kind of work. We will also talk in detail about how to fight back against the unwanted calls.

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