Monday, December 13, 2010

Locs wash with LOC

Welcome to Rap TV if you have any questions about our content you can contact us at 1+916-473-1323 If you would like to be on the show drop us an email at painoncway@yahoo and we will give you the details you need to get started.
Become a member today for just $1.00 per year. Just follow the instructions on our facebook/Raptv page the process takes about 14 business days so start now.
Swing by our retail page at Amway/RapTVLive and set up you're customer account today and enjoy RapTV membership upgrade when you buy any product from the LOC line for under $10.00

Thanks for watching the network that works for you every place in the virtual world you want to be contact us today at 1+916-473-1323 or visit RapTVLive by brand name all around the web.

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