Sunday, January 9, 2011

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If it is true about Facebook shutting down in March 2011.

In the years since the web launched we have seen millions of sites come and go. The issue is as a member of a website you add content. Which the site admins tend to keep and reuse in other places. I was astounded to see how much information facebook sold to white pages. True in the terms and conditions we as web users nearly never read, there is a section that gives them some rights to reuse some content and information in what ever ways the website admins see fit. As a point of respect it would be best if full names street addresses and phone numbers could be kept private.
After it came to our attention at RapTV taht there was an issue with this we added a new way to protect our members personal information by allowing them to use our business street address and phone number when joining websites rather than their own. For more information about how we plan to deal with the FB shut down contact us at or by phone at 1+916-473-1323
RapTV 4350 Pell Drive Sacramento, California, USA, 95838

Photo Uploader - Upload several photos at once - Yahoo! Pulse

Thanks for watching the network that works for you every place in the virtual world you want to be contact us today at 1+916-473-1323 or visit RapTVLive by brand name all around the web.

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