Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Thanks for watching the network that works for you every place in the virtual world you want to be contact us today at 1+916-473-1323 or visit RapTVLive by brand name all around the web

West Coast legends live on stage in an exclusive show for the Gangster Rap Cultures most elite. Captivating audiences since the 1980s with hart starting emotionally charged lyrics and haunting drum rhythm's reminiscent of ancient tribal victory celebrations. The West Coast Mafia Family is truly a machine in motion. The connection to world wide fans built up entirely person to person over the past 25 years, now touches every city on earth.
The myth that Rap artists and Rap Crews are not positioned for long term success is dismantled by the Gorilla Gang. The fleeting loyalty of music fans which has brought ruin to many talented bands and solo artists in the industry has steered clear of California's Rap ledgonds from the Northern cities to the Southern cities.
Main streem artists spend small fortunes to attract fans to events and exicute masterfull advertising campaigns months or weeks in advance. However in the Gangster Rap industry its common to see an artist post one comment online about a function follow it up with one text message and sell out a function the same day.

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